Octopus Ocean Ring

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The Ring That FIGHTS for the Great Barrier Reef

If you love it... put a ring on it! Showcase your love of the ocean firsthand with this amazing new ring - any keen eyed observed will be quick to note your ocean loving nature and dedication to the marine environment. All who notice this standout piece of jewelry is still going to be in awe of your awesome taste in ocean themed accessories. Take the ocean wherever you go by slipping on this adjustable, plated alloy ring, no matter how far inland you are. 

This Octopus Ocean Ring is about making a bold fashion statement. Perfect for casual, everyday wear.

 Fashion with Purpose!
You can get this ring TODAY and we'll make a donation to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation! How awesome is that?! You're actually making a difference when you shop with vvanderlust, we know you're committed to saving the ocean. You need to be quick though, we're running low on stock! This ring is the ocean on your finger, buy now with free shipping!


Helping protect the Great Barrier Reef!

Don't forget, every time you purchase this ring, we give to the Great Barrier Reef foundation, so the largest oceanic ecosystem on Earth will be around for years to come

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Gender: All :)
Material: Silver plated metal
Size: Adjustable