Our Promise

We share a deep, primordial connection with the ocean. It is our mission to engage, inspire and share that love, and our commitment to conserve, protect and educate.

We set our to bring the world an amazing collection of gorgeous wearables, with a focus on making sure that your purchases are ethical. We're believers in business with a purpose, we're more than an accessroy shop; we're advocates for the ocean, spreading our love and conservation efforts as we go.

With every purchase from VVANDERLUST, not only do you get a huge thanks from all the marine life you've contributing to helping, you're helping sustain the most diverse ecosystem on our ocean planet, The Great Barrier Reef! Every sale means The Great Barrier Reef Foundation receives a donation of at least $1AUD (and most of the rest is to cover our costs)

It's time to up the game.
2016 and 17 brought mass coral bleaching upon the Reef, and increasing numbers and severity of tropical cyclones are damaging the reef. No longer an we play the game as we have, it's time to bring the next level - we're entering into a game of life or death.
The Great Barrier Reef has provided more than 64,000 jobs and contributes over $6 BILLION (With a B) to the Australian economy. This diverse epicentre of marine life, one of the wonders of the natural world - is getting destroyed. It's our fault, and now it's time to fix it.
Every time you make a purchase on VVANDERLUST, we make a donation of at least $1AUD directly to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, which directly contributes to their awesome projects. You can check out all the great work they're doing right here.


With love,

from all the Ocean Lovers at VVANDERLUST



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