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This versatile travel bag is perfect to bring your things with you on your next adventure. Use messenger mode to bring books to college, backpack mode on your commute to work, or as a tote for your next weekend getaway.

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About the LUMBER Pack

A stunning outdoor backpack, it's multi-purpose design, converts to a shoulder bag, or tote to suit your expedition. Thought provoking design elements, such as a unzippable cover to hide the backpack straps, and a nifty sleeve to protect you 14" laptop, this bag is ideal for on the go.

This bag is crafted into a piece of quality equipment, inspired by years of outdoor packs, brought for the modern day. Sturdy cross threading and premium additions like rotating clips for the shoulder straps elevate this pack from a nice-to-have, to a daily necessity.

3 Different bags in one: use the Lumber pack as a backpack, tote or messenger

Built for your commute through the Urban Jungle

Dedicated internal pocket designed to fit a laptop up to 14" to keep your device safe.

Enough space. You can fit a weekend into this bag- plus a 14" laptop.

Ready for your next adventure! Take the lumber pack on your next beach day, bush walk or waterfall chase.

Easy money back guarantee. Let us know if you're unsatisfied within 14 days and we'll refund your money.

Adventure Ready
Are you?

Designed to be Adventure Ready

Insipired by years of outdoor adventures, we reengineered a bag for now. Fitting a three-in-one design to a comfortable and stylish bag perfect for commuting or adventures.

Tough, Like you

We've combined tough and beautiful to make sure this bag lasts. We've also added thoughtful elements, such as swivelling shoulder straps for extra comfort.

Unsatisfied? Refund Guaranteed

We want you to be happy with you're product, so if you're not, contact us within 14 of receiving your and we'll refund you. Easy as that.

Sold out

Outstanding Customer Reviews

Just what I needed

Alex Margot

This bag is just what I needed. I've taken it on a couple of short trips and can confidently say that it holds up for what I need it for. All of the straps and handles are useful for grabbing the bag and maneuvering it any which way you need.

I was able to fit a pair of pants, a pair of gym shorts, 3 t-shirts, a long sleeve button-down, 4 underwear, 4 socks, extra pair of shoes (minimal shoes), small laptop, small toiletry bag, medium size light-weight travel towel, and my chargers, in this bag without it looking overpacked. This was about the amount of stuff I could fit without having to try super hard to mash stuff in there and aggressively try to zip it up. There are straps to help synch it down.
Overall great looking bag that has been worth the money.

Goto bag for travelling

Same Wright

Read the full review

Honestly I never write reviews, but buying this and seeing it I'm actually happy. I was looking for something other than my wheeled suitcase as a carry on, because I was going to do alot of train hopping in Europe and didn't want to haul a big suitcase everywhere. My first thoughts when unwrapping it were "oh crap.. it's way to small for a two week trip.." however now that I packed rolling my clothes I have about 4 shirts, a hoodie 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of pants..etc. Yes it's traveling light but that's the sacrifice I make trying not to check luggage and keeping it small. I was thinking that for the price that it was going to be cheap things material and by the reviews they made it seem like there were a crazy amount of pockets but it's not the case for either of them. The canvas is thich and feels sturdy, the leather is a fake vinyl but who cares I didn't expect it to be real. The pockets are nice for my uses of toiletries and electronicics. I haven't actually gone on the trip yet but I think it will be nice. I'd recommend it as for the price it's worth it, especially being a suitcase and backpack is a bonus!

Update- it survived Europe without breaking, and being way to over packed and managing having people say "that's all you have?" Everywhere I went, it even has a stain where my soap leaked out of bottle. All I can say it's my go to bag for all traveling now!

By Far The Best

Brian Manuel

I haven't owned a lot of backpacks, I'm more of a messenger bag type of guy. Despite that, I think this is by far the best backpack I have ever owned. Perhaps the last backpack.. When I received the bag, I opened the box, reached in, and pulled out what I thought would be a bag too small for my needs.

I'm traveling to Europe soon, and I had a goal to carry everything in my carry-on, the problem is...I will be gone for two weeks. The carry-on size restrictions are constricting. I picked this bag because it is slightly smaller than the size requirements for all of the airlines I will be taking. (I knew my bag would bulge a bit, so it might be at the size requirements.) - This thing is perfect for that.

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Super Comfortable

Integrated breathable mesh pad in the back, breathable - ideal for humid hikes.

Padded shoulder straps will make this super comfortable.

Super Adaptable

Great backpack for working, traveling, hiking, camping, college, school, commuting, outdoor exploring and using everyday.

Huge Capacity

Fit a full adventure: clothes, 14" laptop, A4 books, tablet, glasses, wallet, keys, earphone, power bank, cell phone, water bottle and documents in the bag - all at once!


Honest Review From A Satisfied Customer

Justin Young loved his backpack so much he decided to make a video review! He wasn't sponsored or asked to pro,duce this. All opinions within are honest; pointing out the few things he doesn't agree with and all the amazing features he loves

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