TEMPUS - The traveler's watch

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Never fear of missing a flight, being too late to a crucial meeting or being tardy on a first date.

This is time on your wrist - with the vvanderlust twist. This is a watch as international as you, an inspiring young globetrotter, seeking the ways of the world.

We present the watch you need with you, full of whismy yes and inspiration and dreams, with is a watch that ticks with a purpose, just like you! Whether you're at 30,000ft and wanting to know how long your flight is going to last, or if you're anxiously pacing while waiting for the most important moment of our life, this is a watch that's with you.

Inspired by your travels, we put the world in a watch-face. You're always on the move, and so is the rotating plane in the center, symbolic in it's circle of the map.

This is a watch for the traveler, this is the watch for you.


Dial Diameter: 40mm
Clasp Type: Buckle
Band Width: 20mm
Movement: Quartz
Band Material: Fabric
Band Length: 24cm
Case Thickness: 5mm
Dial Material: Stainless Steel | Glass